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The towers are built on a 1-hectare property at Bonifacio Global City. It has a distinctive tri-axial structure which looks innovative and attractive. This residential property is located at the corner of McKinley Parkway and 8th Avenue. Bonifacio Global City has one of the fastest growing economy in Metro Manila. Its location is just near from various leisure and shopping buildings, like the Market! Market!, Serendra, Fort Strip, and Bonifacio High Street.

If you are living in the city, one of the biggest problems that you will have is pollution. Going to work every day and exposing yourself to an unhealthy environment is quite a nuisance. Thanks to the fresh and clean air that you will find inside Trion Towers, you will have a place for comfort and relaxation.

The condominium provides tenants and unit owners the perfect venue to have fun and relax with its wide array of amenities. The fitness area houses the exercise and dance workout, room and cardio rooms, boxing room, gaming room, party room, social lounge, receiving lounge, outdoor play area, kid's play pool, outdoor pool with pool deck, exercise porch, and al fresco lounge. Trion Towers' amenities and common areas are definitely a good mix of entertainment relaxation, and activity for residents.

Living on Trion Towers is never boring. It has a lot of places for fun and recreation. There are strategically located fountains, swimming pools and ponds. Themed gardens are also available for your own satisfaction. Trion Towers provides various spaces and facilities for both indoor and outdoor recreational activities.

A fitness arena at tower 1 is available for everyone to enjoy. Occupants won’t have to travel far just to keep their body healthy. Indoor areas at tower 1 include an exercise and dance room, boxing room, gaming room, party room, cardio and workout rooms, social lounge and receiving lounge. There are plenty of recreational rooms for everyone to spend some time and enjoy.

For occupants who would rather have some fun outdoor. Tower 1 has a couple of options for them. They can go to the exercise porch, outdoor pool, or to the Al fresco lounge. Also, they can let their kids hang out on the Kid’s Play Pool or on Outdoor Playspaces. Every day is a fun day if you are living in the Trion Towers. No need to go far since most of the needed leisure rooms and areas are available.

The same story goes for the tower 2 of the Trion Towers. Tower 2 also have a lot of indoor areas intended for entertainment. Occupants can either spend their time at the Play Station area or on the Cyber Hub. The Cyber Hub has computer facilities with high-speed wifi access. There are also music room, high-definition screening room, party room, social lounge, and receiving lounge. Kids will enjoy the children’s discovery rooms

Of course, outdoor leisure areas are also present. It has an outdoor lap pool, passion garden, pleasure trail, and a hobbyists’ nook. Most the things that an occupant will need are carefully predicted by the designers. Living in this place is a wonderful experience. It always considers the needs and wants of the occupants that are going to live in it.

The tower 3 of the Trion Towers is a place for wellness and relaxation. Experience the healing power of spas and massage rooms with this wonderful offerings. Say goodbye to the everyday stress brought by work and problems. The tower 3 of Trion Towers provides a tranquility pool, soothing spa, sauna room, therapeutic massage room, and yoga and pilates room. It is a perfect escape for the stressful and fast-paced everyday lifestyle. Give your body its much-deserved relaxation. After, spending your time on this wellness rooms, you will be able to go back to the real world happy and energetic. Also, tower 3 has a party room, social lounge, and receiving lounge.

Unit Features

The Trion Towers is comprised of 3 towers.  It covers 1 hectare of residential property.  The total units offered is 2,103. It surely has a large capacity and provides high quality of living if you’ll consider its location in the city. There are a lot of educational facilities nearby as well as entertainment destinations.

The tower 1 of Trion Towers is composed of 736 units. Tower 2 offers 728 units. All of the units are premium in quality. They may differ in price depending on the area size, number of bedrooms and other factors. Actually, the units of Trion towers are classified as 1-BR. 2-BR, and #-BR. There are also various floor-layouts to select from. The occupants actually has some designs to choose from, which allows them to have some freedom when it comes to deciding the look of their unit.

A 5 level basement parking is present for more convenience on the occupant’s side. Security is also taken seriously with the able-bodied security personnel working 24/7. Feel safe and secure living on their luxurious units.

The one bedroom unit has a living or dining room with an area of 15.65 sqm. This is enough to have your entire family enjoy a delicious meal. The kitchen will have an area of 5.90 sqm. Master’s T&B has an area of 5.75 sqm with an overall total of 38.10 sqm.

The two bedroom unit has a living or dining room with an area of 18.70 sqm. This is slightly wider than the one bedroom unit. The kitchen will cover 6.00 sqm and the Master’s Bedroom will have an area of 13.85 sqm. Master’s T&B have an area of 6.15 sqm. Bedroom covers 9.90 sqm and common T&B will have an area of 5.15 sqm. The Utility Room covers 5.35 sqm and the Hallway has a floor area of 11.10 sqm.

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