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Choosing a place to live in the city can be very hard, especially if you have no idea where to start. In choosing a new residence, one must need to find a perfect balance between security, convenience, and proximity to the places you need to be. If one or more of these things are missing, your day-to-day life will be much harder than you’d want. Fortunately, The Trion Towers offers all of these, and more.

The Trion Towers is located in the heart of Bonifacio Global City, a focal point of Metro Manila’s economic and cultural improvement during the last decade. This property, developed by Robinsons Land Corporation, clearly showcases a design that exudes style and luxury effortlessly. Each and every person who gets to witness The Trion Towers in all their glory will be amazed at the effort invested by its developers to create a unique symmetry of architectural beauty and a grand ambience you have never seen before. Furthermore, its location in the heart of Metro Manila provides a good level of accessibility to business districts, restaurants, schools, and malls, among others.

Each of the three towers is placed in a one-hectare area that is easily accessible by anyone. These towers, two of which have already been completed, are designed with the sky, earth, and water as its main inspirations. Earth, because these towers are cleverly placed near parks and lots of grassy locations to bring you closer to nature itself. Water fixtures are installed all throughout the property to instill a sense of serenity and calmness this element brings to the table. Lastly, the sky is placed in the palm of your hands with numerous balconies and amenities available to residents. The people behind the Trion Towers knew that in order to succeed with their goals, the design has to marry the unique environment of Bonifacio Global City, these three element inspirations, and the upbeat tempo of the modern Filipino lifestyle. And create that perfect marriage, these people did. The end result is a place where people can not only live, but live their respective lives to the fullest with everything in reach.

Along with its intricate design, functionality is imbued in every corner of The Trion Towers. This is to ensure living conditions are not only met, but surpassed in all aspects. Residents will feel truly at home with a generous amount of space in each unit and in all of the amenities of The Trion Towers. Everything a person could ever need has been thought out by this property’s developers.

At the same time, these 49-storey towers are designed to withstand the elements and provide a safe shelter from any kind of natural disaster. The towers’ designers made sure floods won’t stand a chance of occurring and pestering any resident. Safety is further enhanced with a plethora of security measures all over the property to ensure you and your loved ones will never worry anymore. Common safety solutions, such roving guards, a network of surveillance cameras, and helpful fire exits, among others, are ever present to ensure no harm falls upon you or your loved ones.

With 49-storeys in each tower, a vast collection of personal stories all live harmoniously in The Trion Towers. This property has over 2,000 units that range between 38 square meters to 118 square meters of floor area. Customers can choose to avail of a studio-type, a one-bedroom, two-bedroom or a three-bedroom unit. For the one bedroom, floor area ranges from 37.62 to 55.3 square meters while the twp-bedroom unit boasts of a 54.18 to 61.30 square meter living space. When it comes to the best this property can offer, the three-bedroom is the answer with its 76.20 to 118.66 square meter floor area. Residents have the option of purchasing specialized one, two, or three bedroom units with balconies that provide a grand view of the metro. This view offers a clear glimpse into the beauty of the city within an area you can most definitely call your home. Each of these units offers a generous amount of space for singles, couples, or families. With these dimensions, tenants have the chance to live the life they always wanted, right in the center of a location that offers a wide array of positive possibilities. Plus, all of these units are highly-customizable to fit your specific needs and preferences. All it takes is a leap of faith when it comes to your personal tastes and the living space you have always dreamed of can be yours.


When you’re in the center of everything, life can be truly seized without any compromises to hold you back. That is one of the many benefits The Trion Towers offer to its tenants and resident unit owners – the chance to live in a place where everything is near you and your family. Located in the corner of 8th Avenue and Mckinley Parkway, The Trion Towers serves as great example of a luxurious and classy lifestyle in a place that never seems to stop, Bonifacio Global City. And because these residential towers are located in a prime area, everything you need and want is always near you. There are no more long commutes, no more gas money wasted driving through traffic, and no more time wasted in travelling when you decide to call The Trion Towers your home.

And speaking of travelling, you’ll be glad to know The Trion Towers can be easily accessed from any major district of Metro Manila. This is because of its location in Bonifacio Global City and its convenient accessibility from major roads, such as C5, EDSA, and South Luzon Expressway. With this advantage in your hands, you can effectively plan your tasks without any trouble at all.

Most people would say that a huge chunk of your everyday needs can be easily attained in a mall. It’s no wonder that The Trion Towers can provide easy access to a number of malls without losing your time to traffic. All you need to do is to walk a little and you can find yourself in places like SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio High Street, and Serendra. These places offer the very best when it comes to dining, cinemas, entertainment, and shopping. Living in the Trion Towers provides you and your family a chance to experience these malls without sacrificing your time in travelling to them.

You need not worry about your medical needs too. The Trion Towers’ close proximity to St. Luke’s Medical Center ensures all your medical concerns will be taken care of in no time at all. St. Luke’s is well-known to be one of the best hospitals in the Philippines with a vast array of medical professionals and high-end equipment at your disposal. All of your worries when it comes to your health can be resolved right away.

Education plays a big part in the development and success of our children. It’s a good thing The Trion Towers is a stone’s throw away from some of the best schools Metro Manila has to offer. This area in Bonifacio Global City is more commonly known as University Parkway. Some of the schools in this area are British School Manila, STI College, International School Manila, Manila Japanese School, and Leaders International Christian School of Manila, among others. All of these educational facilities meet the international standards for the continued growth and progress of your children. With these schools near your home, you can play a more active role in monitoring your children and seeing how they are doing when it comes to their education.


Living in a condominium, such as The Trion Towers, differ from a house in many ways. One of these differences is the presence of a wide range of amenities that are meant raise the standard of your living to new heights. These amenities are designed to provide a specific purpose to every tenant and residential unit owner for their convenience, comfort, and development. Without these amenities, life in a condominium will sure be a lot boring and people won’t be enticed to avail these residential units. Furthermore, amenities also create a sense of community among the many residents of The Trion Towers

Living in the countryside ensures you get to experience various environmental wonders to fullest. Well, The Trion Towers can give you that same experience right in the heart of the city. That’s because this property is developed with a number of gardens and fountains so you need not go far if you’re looking for serenity. Along with these outdoor fixtures, residents and tenants can swim to their heart’s desire with several pools in these towers. Weekends will never be the same as you get to have a swimming experience without leaving the city.

In this day and age, maintaining our health has become a challenge that has become harder as time passes by. Fortunately, The Trion Towers offer a space where residents and tenants can exercise and stay fit no matter what. This property also provides recreational facilities where one can dance, conduct boxing workouts, and perform cardio programs, among others. All you need to do is set aside a couple of hours and your health will greatly improve.

Having a good time with your family and friends is necessary, especially with the stress this world imposes on us. That’s why The Trion Towers has included numerous social and recreational facilities to ensure you have a place to unwind with your loved ones anytime you want. Some of these facilities include a Cyber Hub with free WiFi connection, social lounge, party room, and Playstation area for everyone to enjoy. For sure, your time will be well spent with your friends and family with the help of these unique facilities.

Stress is one thing in our life we need less of. That’s one of the many beauties of The Trion Towers because you can enjoy a relaxing massage or spa session without going too far. Bid all your problems farewell as you enjoy facilities such as the sauna, spa area, massage areas, yoga, and pilates rooms. All of these places are housed in Tower 3 of this property. All you need to is head on over to these places and watch all your stress melt away.

Living in the city has never been so amazing and well-balanced. With a set of world-class facilities, The Trion Towers is a residence that brings you closer to the life you’ve dreamed about in a place that’s close to everything you need.


For some people, investing in a house and lot makes a lot more sense than getting a condominium unit. The thing is, most people would have to spend a lot of money to get a residential property right here in the city. If they prefer to get a large house, they’d have to venture to nearby provinces to get a good price. Unfortunately, they will get to spend more money and time due to rising costs of gasoline and horrendous traffic situations. These people may have a house they’ve always dreamed about but they’ll slowly lose their ability to enjoy life because of the distance-related stress and problems.

A good alternative to this predicament is investing your hard-earned money to get a unit at The Trion Towers. Living in this property places you near the places you need to be in no time at all. At the same time, you get to have the best of both worlds with a great environment you can call your home. You need not worry about space because The Trion Towers offer a generous amount of it for you and your family’s daily use. You can choose from different units that provide enough room for everything you need in your lives. Plus, there are also numerous facilities that you cannot find in a conventional home. These facilities are aimed to give you a high-quality condominium experience you can’t get anywhere else. With of all of these things and more, life at home is definitely better at The Trion Towers in Bonifacio Global City.

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